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I was going through some old recordings and found this gem. Hal Stein was a jazz giant with a wonderful sense of humor and ferocious approach to the tenor saxophone. He passed away a few years ago after living a beautiful jazz life. What an honor it was for me to get to work with […]

For old times sake, here are some recording of the Brian Kane Trio. These were recorded before 2006, in my days in Berkeley. This trio used to play every week at place called the Townhouse in Emeryville, CA. This was a great place to hear jazz, with good acoustics, a nice bar–but a terrible piano! […]

A fabulous swing band. Here are a few tracks that feature the guitarist! Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? – a real tear-jerker. I’m Still in Love with You – man, get down with your bad self. The Man From the South – quite possibly the dumbest song ever!

A sophisticated trio with an unusual instrumentation: piano, guitar and bass. This trio worked for many years at Houston’s in San Francisco’s Embarcado, often multiple times a week. It allowed for the group to develop huge repertoire of songs, some quite obscure, each with a unique arrangement. Jason and I were insipired by many of […]

Victoria Williams is one of the best songwriters I’ve ever heard, with an absolutely unique style and voice. She also has recorded, over the years, many jazz standards. These two tracks come from Victoria Williams Sings Some Ol’ Songs, a record she and I co-produced over the course of a few years. Learn more about […]

Here is a track from almost a decade ago. I’m playing alto saxophone in an Ornette Coleman cover band name And/Ornette. Yes, you heard right — an Ornette cover band! Blues Connotation Jonas Mueller, Trumpet George Cremasci, Bass Andy Borger, Drums