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A review of John Dack and Christine North’s translation of Pierre Schaeffer’s In Search of a Concrete Music.

Review of Peter Szendy, Listen: a history of our ears Forthcoming in Current Musicology, Number 86, Winter 2009. Link to article

Published in Current Musicology, Number 85, Spring 2008, 137-145. A review of Andy Hamilton, Aesthetics and Music. Link to article

Published in Array, Winter 2006, pp. 46-50. Published by the International Computer Music Association. A brief review of the Spark 2005 Festival of Electronic Music and Art, held at the University of Minnesota.     Link to article

Published in Qui Parle, Volume 15, Number 1, Fall/Winter 2004-5, pp. 169-174. A brief review of After Adorno by Tia DeNora. By plucking the methodological kernel from Adorno’s sociological works, while abandoning his systematic negation, DeNora tries to rethink the questions of music sociology. But at what price?     Link to Article