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This is a recording of El Muco at the Subtropics Festival in Miami, March 20th, 2011.

For this recording Scott and I both used the same SuperCollider patch, known as the “Flooper.” It is a large feedback network, where every unit is patchable into every other unit. It builds complex and slowly-evolving layers of sound where the performers are transformed into listeners.

This recording takes the original four channel audio and flattens it to stereo. Also, this is straight from the board, so no room sound has been mixed it. I suggest that you listen to this with headphones or a subwoofer to get the full effect.

In 2012, Preben Antonsen, a senior at Yale, approached me about an independent study in analog synthesis. For each semester of study, he completed a major project. The first, completed in Fall 2012, is a single box synth that includes square wave oscillators and a divider. The second, completed in Spring 2013, is a modular synth with LFO, VCO, VCF and a mixer.

The single box:


The modular synth:


A room recording of El Muco (Scott Petersen and Brian Kane) at the IBeam, Brooklyn, Feb 12, 2010. For this set we improvised with hacked electronics routed through various signal processing units written in SuperCollider. More documentation here.

A playlist to accompany the exhibition, “Instructions Not Included,” ArtSpace, NewHaven, November 9, 2012 — January 26, 2013:

El Muco, “Instructions Not Included”. Clockwise from top right: the Growler, the Lil’ Princess, Box II, El Elmo, No Input Mixer, Janko Tunes.