Figura (2004)

This is a piece for solo piano, approx. 10 minutes in length. Three kinds of musical material are developing simultaneously, and begin to interact in surprising ways. It is my first foray into computer aided composition; much of the material was generated with OpenMusic, and developed intuitively afterwards.

Michael Seth Orland, Piano

Recorded live at Hertz Hall, UC Berkeley, April 25, 2005

Program Note: I present two quotes which indicate what I intend by the term figura:

“Several Figur’d Atomes well agreeing,
When joyn’d do give another Figure being.
For as those Figures joyned, severall waies,
The Fabrick of each severall Creature raise.”
– Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle

“As figures of the existing, unable to summon into existence the non-existing, artworks draw their authority from the reflection they compel on how they could be the overwhelming image of the non-existing. Artworks draw credit from a praxis that has yet to begin and no one knows whether anything backs their letters of credit.”
– Theodor Adorno

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