Piano Sonata (1999)

A three movement sonata for piano. The piece integrates a series of compositional techniques into a large multi-movement work.
Hadley McCarroll, piano

Recorded live at Hertz Hall, UC Berkeley, Dec. 6th, 2000.

1st movement:
2nd movement:
3rd movement:

Program Note: The “Sonata for Piano” was composed as an attempt to consolidate various compositional techniques used in previous works, especially my Six Pieces for Trio, into a large, multi-movement work for a solo instrument. In thinking about how to proceed, the idea of writing a piano sonata suggested itself. Formally, I composed along traditional lines. The piece is comprised of a first movement in sonata form, a slow second movement in a rounded form, and a quick theme and variations for the final movement. This final movement is the most unusual: after basing its theme on a single bar from the 2nd movement, and moving through a series of variations, the opening melody from the 1st movement re-appears in the final variation. The theme and melody combine, culminating in a violent outburst.

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