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  A short article on Ecuatorial and its connections to Varèse’s modernism. The text set by Varèse is based on the Popul Vuh, and has a long and unusual history. I trace this history in some detail, in order to show the multiple levels of mediation between the text’s “origin” and its reception by Varèse. […]

This article analyzes Morton Feldman’s last piece, entitled Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello. The first part identifies the various types of musical material appearing in the piece, and characterizes some features of Feldman’s late style. The second part looks at timbre, rhythm and organization in order to glean Feldman’s larger formal concerns. I argue that Feldman […]

There is much evidence that Cézanne was an avid reader of Lucretius. But just how far did his commitment to classical atomism go? This article speculates upon the question: what if Cézanne was an Epicurean? How does this change the way we look at his paintings? Limiting myself to the portraits, I try to interpret […]