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When a company with a product starts out, it may outsource manufacturing and packaging because it does not have the resources to put up a manufacturing and packaging plant. When there is enough capital, it can start manufacturing on its own. Usually, though, the company continues to outsource packaging. You can, however, cut costs if you do product packaging yourself.

Packaging technology has developed various packaging machines for different types of products. Here are some types of equipment you can check out to see which ones fit your product packaging needs.

Filling Machine

If your products are liquids or powders, you can use a filling machine to fill various kinds of containers. There are different types of filling machines.

Gravity Filling Machine

A gravity filling machine uses the force of gravity to draw the product from the hopper into the container. This is suitable for products with low viscosity, such as water, juice, shampoo, and conditioner

Vacuum Filling Machine

A vacuum filling machine uses a vacuum to suck the product from the hopper into the container. This is suitable for products with high viscosity, such as honey, peanut butter, and tomato paste

Pump Filling Machine

A pump filling machine uses a pump to draw the product from the hopper into the container. This is suitable for products that are sensitive to foam, such as beer, soda, and wine.

Lidding Machine

A lidding machine is used to seal the lids on containers. This is suitable for products that need to be airtight, such as coffee, tea, and dried goods. Exposure to air can cause changes in the color of substances and the flavor of food.

Capping Machine

A capping machine is used to seal the caps on containers. This is suitable for products that also need to be airtight, such as shampoo, conditioner, and cooking oil.

Bag Opening, Filling, and Sealing Machines

If your product comes in a bag, you can use bag opening, filling, and sealing machines. These are three different machines. One will open the bags with air, the next will fill them with the product, and then the third one will seal them.

The filling machine ensures that the correct amount of product is consistently put into the package. Using all three machines together ensures efficiency.

Shrink Wrap Machine

Some products come shrink-wrapped. The shrink wrap machine will shrink-wrap the product in a plastic film, vacuuming out air. Research shows that shrink wrapping keeps the product fresh and protects it from damage.

Boxed products

Thermoforming Machine

If you need to package your product in a plastic tray or clam shell, you can use a thermoforming machine. This machine will take a sheet of plastic and heat it until it is soft. It will then mold it into the shape of the tray or clam shell.

Print-and-Apply Machine

You will need your branding on the product packaging. The print-and-apply machine will print your brand label and then apply it to the product.

Labeling Machine

If your label has special qualities and needs to be produced by a printing press, a labeling machine can be used to apply the label to the product. This is suitable for all kinds of products and containers.

Box Making Machine

The automated box folding machine will take a flat sheet of cardboard and fold it into a box. You can program it for the size of the box you need and it will do the rest. Even if your product itself does not come in a box, you will need to pack it in boxes for delivery.

Box Packer and Sealer Machine

These are two separate machines. The box packer machine will pack your products into a larger box. The box sealer machine will seal the box for delivery.

Strapping Machine

Boxes for delivery need protection. The strapping machine will put a strap around the box to hold it together and prevent it from opening in transit.

Plastic straps are used to protect most boxes. For products in wooden pallets, steel straps can be used.


The palletizer will stack your boxes onto a pallet for easy loading and unloading. This is the last step before the packages of your products go to your warehouse or leave your facility for delivery.

Conveyor Belt

You can use conveyor belts to move your products from one packaging machine to another. These will unitize your packaging machines into a well-oiled packaging system. After packaging, you can also a conveyor belt to move the packaged products to storage.

Customize Your Packaging Solution

These are some of the most common machines used for product packaging. There are many other types of packaging machines available on the market. You do not need all of them. It will depend on the type of product you have and how you want to package it.

You can find machines that are more specialized or that fit your specific needs better. You can also mix and match different types of machines to create a custom packaging solution for your business.

Outsourcing packaging can be expensive. If you want to save money, you can invest in packaging machines and do the packaging yourself. With the right machines, you can create a packaging solution that is tailored to your business and your products. Doing your own packaging can save you money in the long run.

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