Refreshing and Life-Changing Twists to Incorporate in Your Company Conference

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A company-wide conference isn’t probably something your employees are looking forward to. Despite the free food and the time away from their desks, no excitement and full engagement will be fostered because the event will most likely consist of nothing but listening to a speaker all day. If you hold your company conferences in such a way every time, then it’s about time to add twists to it that would finally awaken the spirits of your team.
A lot of amazing and interesting activities can be incorporated into a conference or any corporate event. Some of them are tough, extreme, and not for the faint-hearted. That just made you more intrigued, right?

Here are some invigorating and life-changing conference ideas, starting from the moderate ones to the most extreme!

1. Snug and Cozy

Lots of cushions, throw pillows, a mug of hot coffee, and lots of pretty sights. You may think this encourages laziness, but it can be the opposite. It’s actually a good, unexpected twist to an otherwise stiff and formal conference. With your team lounging comfortably, you can create a warmer environment and encourage casual discussions, instead of being all too serious and businesslike.

2. Picnic


Another cozier style of a conference is a picnic. A TED conference in Vancouver has done this, complete with blankets and baskets full of food. You can absolutely do the same for your company, and better if it’s in an indoor venue to avoid the scorching heat or the freezing cold.

3. Scavenger Hunt

This popular party game can also be incorporated in a business setting. Have the attendees match vendors with the clues you provided, so that the vendors will also be given a bit of the spotlight.

4. Excursion

If you want to excite your team further, taking them on an excursion will do just that. While on the trip, have fun and action-packed activities prepared, such as team-building games. Consider laser tag, crossbow shooting, and “escape the room” games like code-breaking.

5. Construction or Demolition Activity

A Las Vegas facility offers this unique and tedious activity for companies holding a team-building. It involves real heavy construction equipment such as a bulldozer and excavators. Of course, safety is a priority, so everyone will be required to wear helmets and other protective gear.

Specific roles will be assigned per members of a team of five, like a foreman, manager, and laborer. It’s certainly different from your usual conference, but this activity can test employee morale and form new friendships.

6. Simulated Plane Crash or Shipwreck

A bit morbid, but this intense game teaches valuable lessons that can be useful for a lifetime. Your team will be taught various survival techniques, which they will apply when the simulation begins. Even if it’s all just pretend, your team will still experience stress, allowing you to test how well they work and coordinate with each other under pressure and difficult circumstances.

7. Endurance Relay

If your goal is to test everyone’s limits, an endurance relay could be the key. It’s a highly challenging activity that may drain your mind and body, but worth it all the same. If your company has a hierarchical organizational chart, forget about it for the meantime, because you’d all be equals as your experience and overcome hardships together. Your goal is to help each other out, and cheer for your team members while you’re on a break.

These twists are indeed a drastic turn to your usual conferences, but it doesn’t mean that you’re letting go of the important meetings. You still need to gather at the end of the activity to talk about your experiences and how you can relate it to work. Your event would still need an excellent setup from a  company that offers conference equipment rental in Utah or other states. The goal is the same but is achieved in a more unforgettable and invigorating way.

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