Snowy Escapades: Best Winter Destinations and Activities to Do There

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Winter is coming. And with everything that’s been happening, you clearly deserve to have the perfect vacation. Whether you want a chill experience visiting Santa Claus and snow golfing or something more exciting like air boarding and ice biking, you deserve to create extraordinary memories this coming December.

So follow Elsa and let all your worries go. With this list of the four best winter destinations along with the activities you can do there, planning your snowy adventures will be a piece of cake.

Björkliden, Sweden

Björkliden isn’t only known for its majestic slopes perfect for skiing. Even if it’s famous among adrenaline junkies because of its multiple exciting activities, the 5000-kilometer tundra has recently started marketing a more relaxing holiday experience.

With the use of snowplows to smoothen the terrain, Lapland Resorts have managed to create an amazing snow golf field. The facility boasts nine holes and nighttime matches with glowing balls for the perfect after-dark activity.

You can cap the trip off by staying in the world-renowned Sweden Ice Hotel. This is surely one of the unique Arctic adventures there is in the world. Staying in the ice rooms doesn’t only mean you sleep covered by walls of ice. Even the beds, furniture, and décor are all made of ice. And it doesn’t end in accommodations. There is a massive 2100 square meter ice hall where you can enjoy an art exhibit featuring hand-carved ice sculptures with quality brandy in an ice-carved glass.

Lapland, Finland

One of Sweden’s competitive neighbors, the Finnish Lapland isn’t one to back off. This place is the perfect winter wonderland for kids and kids at heart. Staying at glass igloos is one of the most authentic northern experiences you could ever have. And combining that to visiting the Levi Ice Gallery, where you can admire ice sculptures while enjoying the best of Lappish cuisine and beer or singing the cold off in their ice karaoke rooms.

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And as you and your partner enjoy the beauty of the Aurora Borealis in a romantic Northern Lights Safari in heated sleighs, the children can also have the best days of their lives by riding either husky or reindeer sleigh rides on their way to the northernmost zoo on the planet. The kids will enjoy the sight of more than 50 different arctic species, from predators like polar bears, lynxes, and snow wolves to calmer beauts like deer, moose, and of course, the adorable penguins.

But before you spend all your days ice fishing, your trip to Finland will not be complete without visiting Santa Claus. Yes, you read it right. Santa Claus. Lapland is officially the home of Father Christmas. Watch your kids’ jaws drop in awe of the Santa Claus Village containing Santa’s post office where the children’s letters end up.

New York, America

For a more budget-friendly vacation, Buffalo, New York, is the place to be. If you’re looking for a more exciting and financially wise white Christmas, then this is the spot for you. New York offers the best bazaars with the cheapest and most interesting products. This will be perfect for last-minute holiday shopping. From toys and vintage collector’s items to furniture and clothes, you can practically buy anything and everything in these bazaars.

And as you rest from all that shopping, going ice biking will surely be a plus. Ice biking in Buffalo has recently gone popular. With the idea coming from the fun of water bikes, Buffalo took it to a whole new level by using ice skating rinks to let people who aren’t that fond of ice skates enjoy the season as well.

Vermont, America

It’s time to get your winter gears on and get your adrenaline going! The last on the list is for those who can’t just sit idly by. If you seize the day, then you better do it as well. Take carpe diem to the extreme by visiting Stowe, Vermont.

Without having to go far, you and the whole family can enjoy a thrilling winter escapade by visiting Stowe. But before anything else, get your family geared up to ensure their safety by getting ski jackets for women and kids. The activities that await you will surely need them. Snowmobiling and cold-water kayaking are on the calmer side of things here. In Vermont, you can’t really say that you’ve enjoyed yourself if you haven’t ice climbed your way to the top of a waterfall and zip line through the winter breeze as you go down.

And of course, the main events are the family and couple heli-skiing through 3,620 feet vertical drop and the air boarding on Smuggler’s Notch, where you go slide down a 2,610 feet mountain on an inflatable sled about the size of a boogie board.

Everyone is entitled to an exciting and worry-free vacation. After everything that has happened, you and your family deserve to enjoy and relax. But keep in mind that the safety of your family should always be the priority.

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